Ozone Generator Modulo3 Topzone 25 - 250mg/hr

Ozone Generator Modulo3 Topzone 25 - 250mg/hr

Ozone Generator Modulo3 Topzone 25 - 250mg/hr

Ozone is more effective than practically any other water cleaning agent, breaking down fish waste products allowing them to be skimmed/removed more easily. This newest generation Ozone Generator uses the latest technology and includes easily cleaned ceramic plates for Ozone generation.

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The Modulo3 Ozone Generator raises oxidizing levels within a Protein Skimmer or similar containment device for freshwater, this in turn helps to break down harmful waste products produced by fish, removing yellowing compounds and creating crystal clear water.

Suppresses parasite, bacterial and fungal activity providing a healthier environment for livestock in aquariums and ponds, making this an excellent compliment to a UV Sterilizer (which can remove any stray O3 in the aquarium water column)

Unique "high purity ceramic" ozone cell design with microprocessor-controlled fan cooling for highly efficient and reliable operation.
Unlike coronal discharge or other generation techniques typically used, the Modulo3 Ozonizer uses a "High Purity Ceramic" cell to generate O3. The method is very efficient: produces copious amounts of O3 with very little electrical consumption. 

Key Features

10 main reasons why Topzone can help your aquarium system :

1) Clearer water for better livestock coloration

2) Raises ORP / Oxygen for healthier aquatics

3) Reduces Amonia and Nitrite

4) Improves skimmers efficiency

5) For 30 to 2500L aquariums

6) For up to 5000 liter ponds

7) Ozone level adjustable 25 - 250mg Hr

8) Programmable Timer

9) Double ceramic ozone cell for highest reliability

10) No replacement parts required

Size: 16*8*5.5 cm
Power: [email protected], 11W Max

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