Fauna marin Ultra Clam - 100ml

Fauna marin Ultra Clam - 100ml

Fauna marin Ultra Clam - 100ml

Special food for filter feeders, like Tridacna clams, Lima sp. and other species. Increases growth, coloration and disease resistance. Also ideal for other filter feeders in combination with Ultra Min D and Ultra Min F.

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Dosing recommendation for Clams and photosynthetic corals (Hard corals etc.):
Mix Ultra Clam and Ultra Min D to a stiff MASH. Add as much Ultra Min D until a small (1-2 mm) supernatant forms and leave standing the food over night. The next day the supernatant should have disappeared. Now add more Ultra Min D until you have a small supernatant again, and leave the food standing for a few hours. You can store the food mix for about a week.
For every 1000 L (250 gal) add 5 - 10 ml of the food mix several times per day. To disperse the food, drop it slowly into the outlet of a pump. The total amount of food is depending on the nutrient concentration in the aquarium, the lower the nutrient concentration, the less food is necessary.

Contents, per 1000 gr.
Protein 55%
Fat 14%
Crude fiber 3,3%
Ash 8%

Ingredients: Microalgae, nanoplankton different species, clay minerals, zeolites, fisch oil, solanacaea powder, polymers, organic acids, trace elements, amino acids: Lysine, Alanine, Glycine, Taurine, Thronine and many others.

Vit.A 97.870 I.E.
Vit.D 3 2.415 I.E.
Vit.E 1364 mg (as alpha-Tocopherolacetate)
Vit.C 868 mg
Vit.K 330 mg
Vit.B 120 mg
Vit.B 228 mg
Vit.B 615 mg
Vit.B 1250 mcg
Folic acid 2,5 mg
Ca-D-Pantothenate 50 mg
Biotine 25 mcg
Nicotinic acid 150 mg
Choline Chlorid 250 mg
Antioxidants: BHT, BHA, Propylegallate

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